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When banks aren’t an option, we can help you get a personal loan from $500 up to $100,000, even with no credit history. We offer personalized products and affordable payment plans with terms up to 84 months designed to fit your unique needs and budget.

In today's dynamic financial landscape, individuals often find themselves in need of extra funds for various reasons, ranging from unexpected expenses to fulfilling personal aspirations. Personal loans have emerged as a flexible and accessible financial tool to address these needs, providing borrowers with the necessary capital to navigate life's financial challenges.

In the ever-evolving landscape of personal finance, CapitalProliferate stands as a beacon of financial empowerment, offering a range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals. Among its array of services, CapitalProliferate takes pride in presenting its Personal Loans – a versatile and accessible resource designed to help you navigate life's financial twists and turns.

Satisfaction guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied with your personal loan for any reason, return it without penalty within 14 days.
Loan details
Amounts from: $500 - $100,000
Rates starting from: 29.99%
Terms from: 9-84 months

Most commonly used for Bill payment, Debt Consolidation, Home & Auto Repairs


1. Fast access to money
  • With new technologies you will get your money within hours after getting approved.
2. Flexible loan options
  • We offer personalized rates and payment terms to help you find a solution that fits your budget. If you’re able, you can pay off your loan at any time with no penalty and save the interest. Plus, you can get a 2% rate reduction with a co-applicant.
3. Apply without affecting your credit score
  • Apply in minutes to find out how much you could qualify for. There is no commitment and it won’t affect your credit score.
4. Rebuild your credit
  • With every on-time payment, you are one step closer to rebuilding your credit and graduating to bank rates.
5. No credit history needed
  • If you’re a student or new to Canada, we can help get you approved even with no credit history.


Apply on the phone, online or at one of over 400 locations nationally. Submit your documents and get a 2% rate reduction with a co-applicant, get your money as soon as today. See what documents you need to apply; Valid Government issued photo ID, Proof of income, Annual Mortgage statement and Annual property tax statements . 

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