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Precious Metals

Capital proliferate lets private investors around the world access the professional bullion markets. You can benefit from the lowest cost for investing, buying, selling and storing gold, silver and diamond Capital proliferate is the world's largest online investment gold service taking care of $4.1 billion for more than 100,000 users.

Bars are stored in professional market vaults in Zurich, London, Toronto, Singapore and New York. You choose where because of our size, you benefit from a low costing storage we have negotiated, which always include insurance. You can sell at any time, without penalty, and your money will be wired the next business day. You can also withdraw your bars. Capital proliferate is quick and easy you could own any quantity of physical Diamond, gold and silver bullion almost instantaneously On this page you will learn who we are, why we exist and how we get you the best bullion at the cheapest prices.


World's largest online investment gold service, $100 million of gold and silver traded monthly, $4.1 billion of clients assets,100,000 clients across 175 countries.


World’s biggest online bullion market, low rate for buying selling and investing, deal in any size, next day withdrawals, investment grade bullion, allocated gold, silver and platinum, high security vaults, daily audit, wholesale storage rates and insurance, set your own price, deal in your own currency, deal at any time

Why Capital Proliferate Vault was set up

Capital Prolifirate Vault was set up to solve two problems that made it very difficult for private individuals to buy, store and sell gold in a simple, safe and cost-effective way. Capital Proliferate Vault is the world's biggest online bullion market. Economies of scale mean you can buy, sell and store Diamond, gold and silver at close to wholesale prices. The professional Capital Proliferate Vault good delivery system gets you big savings, and so too does the internet. connects buyers and sellers from all over the world. They can all quote prices to each other when they wish to buy or sell; and so can you. Like any exchange this price competition forces everyone - including Capital Proliferate Vault to quote highly competitive prices, and you always get the best quoted price, from whoever is quoting it.

Adding precious metals bullion, coins and bars to an investment portfolio can provide diversification and can act as a hedge against inflation. We offer competitive pricing that is driven by market rates and quoted in Canadian or US dollars1. In addition to owning physical precious metals, you can also buy precious metal certificates2; this allows you to own gold or silver without taking possession of physical bullion, coins or bars.

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